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The English Language Teacher Kit For Success!


Get our teacher expert tips, new teacher checklist, teacher planner and notes that reveal some great teaching techniques and strategies. Customizable and ready to download!

As a teacher and digital nomad, I look forward to teaching private students online as my full-time career. You can find me blogging on my website Tprteaching.com.

What's Included

1. New Teacher Checklist

Interested in teaching but don't know how to proceed? 5 quick steps to take before you start your dream teaching career!

2. Expert Teacher Tips

12 awesome tips that I wish I knew when I first started teaching.

3. Fully Editable Teacher Planner

Make a record of the steps you need to take-- big and small-- and mark them off as you go in our fully customizable teacher planner.

4. Take Teacher Notes

Take a note, scribble or do whatever feels right as you learn!

For English Language Teachers or Those Looking to Get Started...

Get your English language teacher kit now!

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